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help me out... 4 honda civic 97

Started by humpmeister, March 06, 2006, 08:20:41 PM

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anu ang stage 1 na setup sa civic?
bago lng car ko super stock pa...

Accord GTR

Humpmeister huh?  haha  ;D

It's really silly to talk in stage 1...

Depends on what you really want to do?  Circuit, drag, show or just plain hot street.  Decide first then set your budget, unless you have a ton of money and you can buy anything you want   ;)

I suggest to replace all worn parts that haven't been replaced yet like fuel filter, timing belt, clutch, brake pads, etc.  Then get cool 15-inch wheels and 195/55-15 tires and Bilstein shocks.  Replace the audio system with the latest head unit and MB Quartz separates, add an amp and a 10-inch subwoofer.  Change the steering wheel to a Momo and get a new paint job, then have the interior detailed.  That's it!  Nice car  

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