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BMW acrobatics

Started by wrx265_karter, June 27, 2006, 05:25:56 AM

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This is a recent incident from this weekends GrandAm race at mid-ohio. Driver's ok, he was wearing his HANS device which prevented major head and neck injuries. Gotta say, that's one luck guy! Here's the full story on the crash

On a side note, I wish they'd get rid of the stupid window net rule and just run plexiglass or something similar instead (i.e. BTCC, DTM). That's the second time I've heard someone couldnt get out properly because something got caught on the window net.

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Agent J

he's a lucky guy! i noticed that too especially in nascar.. in any crash, the danger of a flying debris entering the car through the net is much higher than if it were plexiglass or high-impact plastic..

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