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concept one wheels vs. rota

Started by fastdriver, July 03, 2006, 09:14:21 PM

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I'm going to speak in general here, in terms of performance which is better?  is the difference that big?  I guess we're talking about durability and weight here (but I know rota's are as durable as they can get).

Concept one wheels just look really nice but if performance figures are that far apart then its rota for me.


Rota is outsourced to do OEM wheels by manufacturers.


;D hehehe but seriously they are, just a testament to how durable they are  ;D
Performance wise, they're Round! so they run hehe  ;D

I can lift my 16 inch Slipstream + tire with one hand. When i did that I was surprised myself. I was like "Oh crap, these support my car?! They're soo light!" haha  ;D


They are practically the same.

I'd give Rota the nod for the following reasons:

1. Rotas are built tough for our roads. I've crossed potholes 100kph and they are still whole, and very light.

2. The aftersales service is incomparable. Missing hubcap? here have some. Bent rim? change by piece at the factory.

3. Proud to be made in the Philippines.
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oh can I just add?

This morning, I was playing with JP Tuason's Ford Focus, the Tuason Racing School edition and damn if those white Rota 18s aren't the hottest thing to contrast that red paint.
Go stable, just right... TO GO FASTER!


and they are really affordable..!!  ;D

add 1k for for every one inch..

15inch rim = 15k.. (almost. tama ba?)


dont get me wrong, I totally support Rota especially since its a proudly Filipino made product but in terms of performance how does Concept 1 compare?  Mainly I guess its a battle of weight and durability, I know Rotas are very durable but how durable and light are Concept1s?


fastdriver, are you in the market for rims? if so, whats your main concern?

price? i think most rota wheels are cheaper than most conceptone's..

durability? my take is that from day to day usage, both brands should be able to stand on their own. add to that rota wheels are used on some motorsports events.

weight? there are light weight wheels like SSR, VOLKS, WORK rims.. those are performance rims na pricey but thats what many tuners/racers in japan uses. my guess is that rota rims are a bit lighter than those of conceptone. but sorry, no actual figures here.

designs? they have different styles and designs. so it should be an easy decision, depending if you are into bling style or jdm styling.. or what have you.

i think that rota and conceptone rims are of different categories.. you can not really compare one from another simply because they are aiming at two different market (price/design as major categories)

and if not mistaken, i think we've discussed both brands on several threads before :)


thanks hungryalien, I appreciate the response.

well ganito lang, I'm on a budge constraint so I couldnt exactly afford the likes of volk, bbs, works, etc. (but I would really like the TE37 magnesium if I had the money hehe) so its really down to the likes of concept one and rota.

I want to invest in performance wheels at a budget so I was really intending a rota.  but there's this design of concept one which I really really like but if it would affect performance significantly then I'd just go for Rota ofcourse.

But if the figures arent that bad then Concept One it is, hence the debate  ;D

In black and white they are definitely targetting different markets but I think I've hit the gray area hehe.


i'd go for rota any day of the week :)
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Accord GTR

You have have to compare specific wheels with each other.  Comparing brands won't really make much difference.  Especially, if its just for street/sport applications.  Both brands are good for that.  My friend races with 17's Concept One wheels and he regularly wins in his class at Autocross meets.  The wheels are identical to Prodrives and fairly light too

Last time i shopped for wheels, I brought a digital bathroom scale (@P1500) and went from one shop to another weighing wheels.  Weigh both yourself and the wheel so you get a more accurate weight of the wheel since the scales are usually calibrated for human weights.

If you want performance over looks, then the lightest wheels should be your priority.  Or, if say, your stock rims are 15's, looks for a 16 or 17 inch tire/wheel combo that will match the weight of your stock rims/tires and you won't lose any acceleration performance but you will gain in cornering and braking.  

Take note too that in deciding the best wheel/tire combo for your particular performance application, the weight of the tires can be even more than the wheels and some tires weigh a lot more than others  ;)

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Thanks Accord GTR, I think that's the answer I was looking for.  Much appreciated, in that case I just may go for the Concept One because there's a design there I really like.  I was just worried that Concept One were just all bling but as you stated in your example with your friend their performance figures arent that bad after all.  Ofcourse not to be compared with the likes of Volk, etc.


Quote from: Accord GTR on July 04, 2006, 08:41:40 AM
You have have to compare specific wheels with each other.  Comparing brands won't really make much difference.  


   Concept Ones, at least the ones i have, are pretty darn good. They hold up to racing as well, but then again it could be attributed to the inherent design that they copied: Volk CE28's.

   My brother uses original Prodrive GC05 fro his evo, same size. We weighed them both; the prodrives were only a pound off!

Prodrive GC05 = Php 118k :'(
ConceptOne VolkCE28 = Php 32k  :o
Difference in weight = 1pound
Expression in my brothers face = priceless ;D

   I use the CE28's for daily driving, trackdays, and some autox were then don't limit your brackets depending on your tire choice. They're wrapped on ad07's. My real racemags are Rota MF10,wrapped in re55s. No probs with either wheel.

   Depends on design ha. Some ConceptOnes look HEAVY.
[img width=321 height=214]


id pick rota, based from experience, matibay nga.

dont know abt the durability of concept ones pero i dont really like them because the over priced for me. plus they try to dominate car shows so that they can price them that high.



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