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Rent-a-touring car

Started by Accord GTR, July 07, 2006, 09:50:27 PM

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Accord GTR

Wanna feel what driving a real race car is like?


Who:  Team Velocity, currently the top Group 3 racing team in the Philippine Touring Car Championships is offering to rent a touring car for a one-day test session at a track of your choice.  Offer is open to all non-racing licensed drivers who have driven at BRC or SIR before.   Test your skills against a pro-driver and try to match their lap times.

What:  1996-model Honda Civic Lxi race car.   This is a fully-race-prepared touring car with racing coil-over suspension, seam-welded chassis and rollcage, stripped interior, racing brake pads, and stock 1500cc SOHC engine putting out at least 100whp.   Car's weight is @900 kgs without driver.

When:  Starting August 2006, any weekend-day that the track is available.  Sessions begins 8:00am to 5:00pm or until driver quits.  Lunch break for 30 minutes.  Maximum # of laps per session:  15.   Maximum #of laps per day:  150 laps.  Minimum cool-down between sessions: 10 minutes.

Where:  BRC (Batangas Racing Circuit) or SIR (Subic International Raceway)

How much:  P50,000 for a day for a group of 2-5 drivers or P35,000 for one driver.   Everything is included except driver's safety equipment.  Need helmet and gloves.   Recommended nomex driving suit.  Drivers are required to issue a bond for car/engine damage caused by driver's error and sign a waiver.  

The pro driver(s) will run a couple of laps to establish a baseline lap time for the driver to try to match or beat.   Mechanic(s) will set-up the car to driver's liking.  Free instruction/coaching is included!  Lap times are electronically recorded.   A video-cam mount will be provided for the driver's videocam.

Go to VELOCITY MOTORS and look for Dennis Uy

There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is

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