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1.5 or 2.o drop for a vti??

Started by Qkid, August 07, 2006, 08:41:44 PM

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Quote from: Qkid on August 09, 2006, 10:59:42 AM
lynyrd skynyrd,

Thanks for your offer however looking for something  less than 10k.

try tanabe i think around 9+ for vti. try contacting kbh of importhookup they have a promo on tanabe springs until the end of august


i'd go for 2 inch drop (it wasnt hassle naman when i was using my tanabe precedeo 2 years ago but thats me, 1.5 will definitely be less hassle for your wife though.)

i recommend tanabe. still a great ride depite the good drop :)


IMO i'd go for 1.5 drop. External reasons is 1.environment- philippines has suffered from bad roads. weather can be unpredictable flash floods can sprout just about everywhere. Internal reasons is lady drivers can be somewhat, " i didnt see the big ass hole on the road", women drive fast no matter what conditions. hehe. sometimes its a compliment and a curse.

2.0 drop is to low. okay na siguro medyo nakatukod because of the 1.5 drop. for me mass agressive nga yung look. nose down ba.. and atleast you wont have to worry or thinking too much on grinding your cars  front end at those inclined parking lot entrances ex. malls, supermarket.


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