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03 Forester

Started by caleb, August 22, 2006, 06:50:05 AM

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Mga dudes, I'm thinking of getting a 2nd hand Forester 2.0x.  Any comments on this car?  Maintenance, fuel consumption, parts, etc?  Thanks!  ;)


'03 forester owner here, i'm on my 27,000kms. with the car. maintenance is pretty straightforward, with the usual oil changes, i've already changed brake pads. i'm actually due to replace my sparks and air filter.

before motor image opened shop, i used to get parts from GM autoworld and thunder auto parts. prices of parts of course costs more 'coz it's OEM. i haven't bought parts from motor image so i can't say if they're cheaper.

fuel consumption is at the 6-8km/liter bracket depending how you drive of course. btw, that's urban driving, with a little traffic factored in.

one part that prematurely wears out is the steering rack bushings, which is common for SG foresters (03-05) and GD imprezas (bugeye-05) when they reach 20,000-30,000kms. aftermarket polyurethane bushings are available but not locally. you can order it online. whiteline and prodrive offer these bushingsk, which they say will last a long time, much longer than the stock softer bushing. i've changed mine with a prodrive. it firmed up the steering feel and gave better feedback. got it from via for around P3k delivered to my door.


Ey Paul.

Thanks for the tips, dude.  Might test-drive the car this weekend.  Balitaan kita.  ;D


Hoy caleb!  Wag nang mag isip-isip pa!  Ilabas na ang checkbook at bayaran na agad mwahahahahahaha!  ;D
...good things come to those who wait...



Test-drove the car.  Ayus naman. 


Tingnan natin.  Hehehe. 


just curious, how much selling price? just wanna know magkano selling price ng car ko.


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