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Fugly cams in Photokina... :(

Started by Coffee, September 19, 2012, 09:11:29 AM

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Hasselblad and Sony... love those brands. :)

In my dreams, I would love to own a future studio with a Hassy H3DII iwth an 80mm prime, a Sony A99 and NEX7 with Zeiss lenses.

One is synonymous with luxurious medium format brilliance and the other for aggressive tech in electronics. The partnership sounds good but the end product is.... is... is....  :puke:

Take a look...

one comment in the comment's section sums it up pretty well... "this is a joke, right?"
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Leo C.

Maybe were just used to the "traditional" camera.... paradigm paralysis?  I'd rather not comment... yet...


ehhh?  :surprised: :protest:

I'd rather have a NEX-7!


Luxury means looking like a prop at a karaoke bar?


Mirrorless nga, when they looked at it walang mirror para makita gano kapangit.

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