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congrats, ed and rocky!!!

Started by baby'zilla, November 27, 2006, 12:00:17 PM

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congrats to ed and rocky for winning at bumper2bumper!!!

ed- best all-pro

rocky- people's choice (ata). may nagsabi din na 2nd sya sa all-pro, pero for confirmation pa...

congrats din to ali/ jcb! 

great work guys!!! ;D
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congrats ed and rocky!  sayang hindi ako nakapunta, still unable to drive myself.  Idol!


correction to my earlier post...

ed- best all-pro

rocky- top gear choice

congrats uli!  ;D
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yellow jacket

congrats ed and rocky. May ibang show pa ba isasali yun oto nila?


congrats congrats ;)

post some pics naman.

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