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Land Cruiser VX-R transmission conversion

Started by zoids, February 06, 2007, 11:17:43 PM

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Hi everyone,

would like to seek your assistance in recommending a shop who could convert my friend's land cruiser right-hand oriented transmission to a left hand one?

he was able to purchase a complete set of left-hand oriented transmission (transmission, brackets, braces, links) from the U.S. which came from a Lexus (lx 470) and would be glad if you could recommend specialty shop/s for this.  thank you in advance...good evening


try asking:

  • 2518332 Ronald
  • 9178133979 Richard
  • 2876816 MangBoy
  • 4148633 Robert
D    O       I       L    O



no prob zoids
hope everything works out alright for your friend
D    O       I       L    O


yes hopefully...i already gave the contact .numbers to him, he's still in the province tho...


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