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DVD Audio to CD

Started by 4var, February 22, 2007, 11:46:20 AM

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Is it possible to get just the audio of a DVD? Lets say a concert? Then burn it to cd so i can play it anywhere? Of course may track numbers din so you can skip/shuffle etc. tnx


First reading your topic I thought you meant ripping a DVD-Audio disc! That's pretty tough, the protection on those have only recently been broken, and personally i'd rather leave DVD-A alone. It already sounds much better than any CD.

Turns out you just want to rip the audio track from a normal DVD.. That's easier.  ;D Fair-use notwithstanding, it's also technically illegal to do so, so i'll leave it up to the mods whether or not to delete my reply.  :P

First you'll need to decrypt the DVD using something like DVD Decrypter. This gets rid of the nasty copy protection on it and gives you plain, unencrypted IFO and VOB files to play with.

Next, you need to separate the different tracks on the DVD. There's usually one video track (unless the DVD is multi-angle), and a couple of audio tracks. You use a demuxer for this, something like VobEdit.

Pick out the audio track you want (pick a two channel stream if possible), and extract the audio to an AC3 file.

After that it's on to audio processing. If the DVD included a stereo track, you're lucky. If not, well you'll have to combine 5.1 channels of audio into a 2-channel stereo file. For that we'll need an encoder. You probably have an audio encoder of choice, but in case you don't, FlaskMpeg usually works well for anything coming off of a DVD.

At this point, you can either split the big audio file you have into multiple files representing tracks (you lose DVD chapter information during demux/encode), or burn it directly to a CD. If you took time to listen to the DVD audio file itself, most good CD burning applications will allow you to insert track breaks at arbitrary time points. This lets you use the one big file you got, just listen to the DVD and get those time points for your track breaks. If not, well i'll leave it to you to find your audio editor of choice.

And there you have it! A DVD audio track ripped to cd. More trouble than it's worth? Heheh personally I think so! It's usually easier to find a rip that somebody else did from your "site" of choice.  :P


Wow its more complicated than i thought! :o  I was planning to do it myself because i wanted the best quality i can make off the rip.  Turns out i'd be wasting more time hehehe!  Cant find some of the downloads kasi from the sites.  Thanks a lot for the help man!   


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