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Honda City Fog Lamps / Headlights

Started by kulokoy, March 03, 2007, 01:00:26 AM

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Mga Pare, Im a newbie here at AI and I was hoping you could provide me some feedback regarding the City's fog lamps.  For those that drive one I think you know na parang walang silbi yung fog lamps ng city as it only illuminates an area immediate to the bumper and the side of it unlike other cars' that project a much wider and farther beam.
Dahil ba ito sa design reflector ng lamp or dahil dun sa bulbs na ginamit? I'm planning to upgrade the bulbs to yellow or all weather type though im not sure if the beam pattern would improve, baka masayang lang pera ko.
Also I recently replaced my headlight bulbs with 100/80W Wurth plasma white ones. Plug and play lang ba talaga sila without a need for harness? Maliwanag talaga sila vs stock kaso Im worried baka me masunog sa wirings.



whether a City or other car models, the foglamp's job is to illuminate the road near, and sideward. But i agree that some are a bit wider and further. No matter if you adjust the light upward you will get the same odd lighting. Even when aligned properly these foglamps can blind on-coming traffic, therefore, it's not recommended to use it on normal conditions.
The intention of this is to give you lateral light specially during heavy fog. It will also be better to switch it to all-weather bulbs as it give better contrast on the road. And NO, the beam pattern will have insignificant change when using the same foglamp assembly.

OT. I hope you reconsider replacing the 80/100W bulb you fitted with a standard 55/60W bub. The consequences are not going to show this early. But that can ruin your reflectors and make the lexan turn yellowish beyond repair. High temperature=burnt.
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