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PTCC 2nd leg, Sunday, May 20, 2007

Started by Accord GTR, May 15, 2007, 06:20:35 PM

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Accord GTR

SUNDAY         May 20, 2007   

8:00 AM   to   8:30 AM   PETRON TREATS Miata Challenge   Warm Up
         Yokohama Miata Cup   
8:50 AM   to   9:20 AM   Philippine Touring Car Championship   Warm Up
         BLAZE Super Saloon Series   
         PETRON National Production Car Challenge   

9:30 AM   to   10:00 AM   PETRON TREATS Miata Challenge   Round 5
         Yokohama Miata Cup   Round 5

10:20 AM   to   10:50 AM   Philippine Touring Car Championship (Grp.3)   Round 3
         PETRON National Production Car Challenge   Round 5

11:10 AM   to   11:40 AM   Philippine Touring Car Championship (Grp.1)   Round 3
         BLAZE Super Saloon Series   Round 5
LUNCH BREAK            
1:00 PM   to   1:30 PM   PETRON TREATS Miata Challenge   Round 6
         Yokohama Miata Cup   Round 6
1:50 PM   to   2:20 PM   Philippine Touring Car Championship (Grp.3)   Round 4
         PETRON National Production Car Challenge   Round 6

2:40 PM   to   3:10 PM   Philippine Touring Car Championship (Grp.1)   Round 4
         BLAZE Super Saloon Series   Round 6


There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is

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