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LTO: change ownership procedure

Started by lmhp23, September 07, 2007, 06:40:38 PM

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I've just bought a 2nd hand vehicle and had it transferred to my name. I want to share my experience baka maka tulong sa mga baguhan sa LTO procedure tulad ko. Wala kasi published step by step procedure ako makita dati kaya decided to post it dito.

LTO Change of Ownership procedure:

Step 1  PNP clearance
?   Go to camp Karingan with you car syempre
i.   if your coming from East Avenue turn at V. Luna Road and just keep going (about 1-2kms) until you see the  Champion Supermart (formerly Glory Supermart) on your left side, then ask the tricycle drivers sa tricycle queue kung saan Camp Karingal. malapit na.
?   Once inside the camp make a right on the first turn and keep on going in the eskenita, go past the houses. You see this group of stencilers in green shirts waiting in a shred on your right.
?   Show them the following:
i.   Deed of sale
ii.   OR, CR
iii.   And bank deposit slip for the amount of  P200 to the PNP account. Syempre there are people there with motorcycles that will to this for you (for 50-100 pesos)
?   While waiting for your deposit, the stenciler/macroetcher will strip off the paint from the area over your chassis number. He will get a stencil of this and you engine number
?   Then he?ll sell you TPL insurance for P750 ;). You?ll be needing this in the next step sa LTO.
?   Then  you?ll wait for the inspector to ?inspect? your vehicle. In my case the stenciler ask for P200 ?for the inspector? (sounds like lagay, wala rin recibo). Binigyan ko na rin. Was not in a complaining mood since I was in a hurry. Hell, the inspector didn?t even bother to go out of the office to look at the car.
?   The stenciler will give you the macroetching certificate.
?   You?ll have wait for your  claiming form inside the office, it took them almost 1 hour   (buti na lang aircon)
?   You?ll have to come back after 3 days to claim your PNP clearance.

Step 2.   Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit:
?   Its the blue building on the left side of  LTO complex east ave. There are free parking spaces in front
?   Have the following ready:
i.   Photocopy of OR and CR
ii.   Photocopy of ID
iii.   Photocopy of Deed of Sale
?   Hand over these papers to one of the clerks inside the windows
?   Pay the 50 pesos inspection fee
?   After paying, bring car to the back of the building ( parang gym) for inspection.
i.   They?ll check the headlights and signal lights. Nalimutan yata i-check yung brake lights.
ii.   Then they?ll pass your form around for ?signatures?. It took them around 30 minutes to finish.

Step 3.   LTO district office where your car was registered
?   The district office is indicated in the top part of your CR ( mine was in Diliman, so it was a five minute walk from the inspection area)
?   No need to bring your car just the documents
?   Have the following ready
i.   Original
1.   CR
2.   OR
3.   Notarized Deed of sale
4.   Board resolution if car belongs to a company
5.   TPL insurance in the name of the new owner (got mine from the pnp camp)
6.   PNP clearance and Macro-etching certificate
7.   Photocopy of sellers ID with signature for comparison
8.   Photocopy of new owner?s ID
9.   Motor vehicle inspection form (from previous step)
?   Bring the above documents to the evaluation window (window 2 in the diliman branch)
?   Clerk will make sure that all documents are complete, and will arrange them in a specific order.
?   I was next instructed to bring these papers to the records window (window 10). The clerk there gave it to another clerk who compared to their records in the archive. Took around 1 ? hour (hyew! glad that was over with already).
?   If everything checks out you?ll be asked to pay for the processing fee. Its around 380 pesos
?   Then you have to wait again for them to finish typing your new CR (computerized na unlike the original na typewritten manually). Had to come back the following day to get the CR.

Congratulations, you?ve just completed the process of transferring ownership of a vehicle.
It took me a total of 4 half days (mornings only) to complete the process.

Total cost

1.   PNP clearance
a.   Inspection and processing fee               200
b.   Motorcycle messenger to Landbank            50
c.   Lagay for inspector and to rest of the boys         200
d.   TPL insurance in your name               750
2.   Motor vehicle inspection
a.   Stenciler tip                     20
b.   Inspection fee                     50
3.   District office
a.   Processing fee                     380

Total:  P1650

Not bad if you have the time and the patience to ask around and bear the heat. But if someone can do it for you all for P2500 then by all means go for it. It? ll save you a lot of time and energy. Read this from another forum cant remember which.
Hope this helps.


bro puede mag tanong???

sa STEP 3 #4

Step 3.   LTO district office where your car was registered
?   The district office is indicated in the top part of your CR ( mine was in Diliman, so it was a five minute walk from the inspection area)

4.   Board resolution if car belongs to a company

Pano bro pag yong company nag close na sya saka nag sell sila ng cars nila, wala kang ganyan wala bang remedy?? thanks..

Leo C.

A used car salesman can process this for you for a small fee. They have all the experience and contacts in LTO. Mabilis din.


Some are charging 4,500 now for change ownership.


Quote from: chrisboy on June 01, 2012, 11:39:32 PM
Some are charging 4,500 now for change ownership.

pa PM naman ng contact mo me papa- transfer lang ako. Thank you


what about if only the engine i want to register, what are the documents i need to ask from the seller to register the engine under my name.

Aside from the deed of sale do i also need the original copy of CR or just the xerox of it will do?


@orthodoc.. Your inbox is full. Can't send you pm.


Quote from: chrisboy on June 06, 2012, 08:17:26 PM
@orthodoc.. Your inbox is full. Can't send you pm.
ok na chrisboy na erase d ko na



sir pano po kyong wala yong original CR .. OR lang po ang meron ma pa process nya ba?? can i ask your contact pls pm me .. thx..

nag close na yong company .. nag benta ng car.. may deed of sale pero di notarized saka wala na daw yong CR ... OR lang po meron pero alam binigay nya ang CR# and details for reference daw.. please pm me bro i badly need it.. thx


You'll need the original owner to sign an affidavit of loss. A deed of sale that was not notarized is also not a valid document.

Return the car to your friend kung ganon ang case. If he will not accept the car, you can go find yourself another friend because that is very unfriendlike.


sir thanks!that post is very informative...just one question maybe you have information, i am a second car owner and im planning to transfer the CR to my name. However, the first owner had just registered the car last month (may 12) and still valid until next year. is it still possible for me just to transfer the CR to my name and have it renewed next year..thanks...


Yes can just do a transfer of ownership without having to renew again since the registration is still current.


sirs... how much mo transfer of ownership this year and mga gaano katagal po ang processing period?


Sir, I have a scenario.. 2 cars same brand diff. engine models, running condition and with updated papers decided to swap engines.. both have 2 deed of sales..

Upon registering in the LTO Office, they will only accept "1" vehicle to have it's engine changed and registered. The other vehicle engine however will be considered "patay", can no longer be registered to the other owner/vehicle. This is according to their new memo..Is this true?

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