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8000K HIDs on projectors

Started by DTNS, September 21, 2007, 01:06:12 PM

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a fellow Club ZZ member has a setup like this on his Altis and is complaining of low light output. Is this to be expected of his setup?


It's probably due to the color temperature. I used to think that my 6,000K HID's sucked at light output with my projector type headlights. When I changed bulbs to 4,300K I'm now quite happy with the output.

bri g

could be two things, 1.) is he using the taiwan projector headlights that looks like a camry headlight? if so, the optics on that projector is really bad (we have a pair at the store) and 2.) 8000k's output will definitely lose out to the 4300k and 6000k especially through a dark tint. 

I'm with Conan, go with 4300ks or might be better off switching back to the old headlights (will definitely be brighter but the glare is going to be worst as well)

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