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just a though...

Started by AUCH, December 28, 2007, 07:40:05 AM

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hey guys, now i dont believe that philippines has changed when it comes to loving civics and i was wondering if anyone had thought of creating a gathering/cruise for all civics?  new or old must join and capture the GUINESS WORLD RECORD for the most civic meet ever. 

pinas definitely has an abundance of civics so i think this would be a great potential.  various footage should be captured and edited and post on youtube to capture GUINESS attention...

this should be a gigantic event.  what do you guys think?

EK3 Ferio

You could try bringing up this topic in HCP. There is no better place to start looking for people to join and help in gathering participants. :)


cool...  will do so...  any feedback on this forum would be great also... 

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