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Rota Auto X Rims for Stock Civic 97 VTI

Started by Adama, March 10, 2008, 04:53:54 AM

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Guys, I want to change my Rims to the ROTA Auto X. I need suggestions what tires to use. I have no plan to lower the car but change the rims only and the tires too. Maybe some tires that aren't too thick and thin will do perhaps?

Thanks Guys!




195/50/r15 baka pwede or 55 series kung hindi mo drop sayang naman looks ng rims kung masyado makapal ang gulong. tyaka close to comfort na rin ang 50-55 series...


since you have no plans to lower your car.  best tire size is 195/55-15.  Thats the correct tire size and much better than the 195.50 since wheel/ Fender gap is reduced.   your car would look better w/ the 195.55-15 :)  and last but not least.  Pick a good set of tires.   Believe me it makes all the diff in comfort and performance. 
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195/55-15 ok... I think this would do... I saw a tire from good year called the EAGLE NCT-5 it has the same specs for my wanted Rim... Any ideas on how it performs? thanks thanks!!!

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