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'08 hillclimb round 2 & 3 photos

Started by samurai_rex, April 04, 2008, 04:41:42 AM

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our bros from club mitsu had some battle wounds from this round. ouch!

Competing for this round  from club mitsu were:
Alex Gonzales in his now race prepped GSR Coupe
Danby Yaptinchay in the bare Evolution 2
Tris Magbanua in the RS Turbo.

two honda casualities

from our club mitsu forums - a quote from alex gonzales
"yup, the eg that fell was in front of me. during my 2nd official run, about half-way thru the course, a marshal signaled me to proceed with caution. I wondered that there were much loose gravel on the tarmac. So I slowed down and went on it again. About 3/4's of the course, a marshal was waving a red flag at me. So I slowed down again wondering if I made a mistake. I went on it again, quite disappointed that I was told to slow down twice. I was surprised that there were 4 locals walking at the left side/ cliff side of the track! Trying to maximize whatever what was left of my run. I continued to proceed again and arrive at the flying finish. At the time control, after signing the time sheet, I was immediately asked by the lady timekeeper "Sir, nakita niyo ba yung Honda?" I replied "Anong Honda?, wala akong nakita." When I was gazing at the cars who went ahead. I immediately noticed that there were only 2 cars, Steve Acayan's AE101 and Lance Binamira's AE92. Then suddenly, my heart went pounding and it all came back to me that the EG was not there and might have fallen over the cliff. We immediately wished for the driver's safety. This was the 2nd incident during the event. The first one was the EK hatch of cabspeed that lost its grip and damaged its wheel after hitting the gutters.

The event took place at the road en-route to Ambuklao Dam, Itogon, Benguet. Coming from Baguio City, it is another 45 minute drive. The length of the course was 4.02 km having an average gradient of 6 degrees. The Start line was 1002 meters above sea level and the Flying Finish was 1277 meters above sea level. The track's surface was concrete. Again the usual hillclimb elements were there, the cliff edges, loose gravel and dirt, boulders, concrete gutters, road drainages, posts, steel railings, trees etc. There was even a construction truck parked at the side which was near where the EG went off. "

head of operations smx convention center :)

Accord GTR

I heard the EK fell 30 feet and was saved by a rock from falling the 200-foot cliff!  God was watching over him that day!

There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is

Agent J

whoa.. how's the driver? was there a railing on the side of the cliff or was it just a sudden drop? 


Quote from: Agent J on April 05, 2008, 06:57:43 PM
whoa.. how's the driver? was there a railing on the side of the cliff or was it just a sudden drop? 

the driver's fine.  helped in no small way by the safety equipment hillclimb cars/drivers are required to have.

for the most part, the cliff-side of the road has concrete barriers to stop anyone from falling off.
unfortunately in some parts only plants keep you from falling.

it seems the eg slid off the road, hit a barrier and fell off the road at a point where there wasn't any place to put a barrier.
it was a dropoff!  there was actually a large caution sign [!] before that turn.  he might have slid off because of scattered gravel in some places.


That is why you should all be using roll cages, rallying is more dangerous than circuit racing.


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