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Some old school references / brochures

Started by Raymond, May 06, 2008, 01:16:37 PM

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Celeste pictures:

Toyota old school brochures (as taken from grupotoyota):


Webgalant - (Japanese site)

TORC - Toyota Owners and Restorers Club -

Amon Kyusha (Japanese old school restoration shop) - (Japanese Site)

Color guides:

DIY body work and painting:

I'll edit this thread to reflect more websites / references as I bump by them. Cheers!


i found this site. they got good write ups but i think the bmw and porsche Tech Info Center(link) are the only 2 that works.


ke70/corolla dx pics (Japanese) various toyota "k" series engine info,guide etc

4g32,33,37 engine manual(incomplete jpeg)



pretty great site with service manuals, wiring diagrams and operator manuals from old school to new. dont know where to put it so ill post it here



excellent resources! pampagana!

i was born in the late sixties and was a child of the '70s and '80s.  i never had an old school toyota though.  the closest i got was the rt130 i inherited back in college.  i gotta get me an old school ride some time soon!


great post for lovers of old school. i frequent torc. i enjoy lookng at beautifully restored corollas.


grabe talaga oldschool toyota... hayy kung may extra budget at time ulit


some more resources:


Old School Pilipinas -
MLPH (mitsu lancer club of the philippines) - - very active ang old school section nila


Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) -

- just enter make, model, year of your Toyota and voila! you have a wealth of information already

Flex Auto Review (Japanese Classic Car Shop and Restorer) -

green            various pics meron din mga newschool etc             rusting jdm classics   :(


Try this...

It's a Brit site, but covers just about every car/style/mod you can think of!

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