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Planning to buy 8G Galant

Started by acube, April 25, 2008, 11:27:06 AM

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Good morning vr-force.

I?m planning to buy an 8th gen gallant, all stock, local versions only. Actually I?m already scouting for one now.
I have several questions and I really hope that you guys could answer them.

Here goes:
1.   What models are locally released here?  VR-4, VR-6 ? etc.
2.   What are the differences between each model? Engine, accessories ? etc.
3.   Gasoline consumption? Is it 10KM/Liter or better or lower?
4.   Price range?

I hope that you could enlighten me.  Thank you in advance!

cheers!!!  :)



8th Gen models released here are VR (V6 engine) and Super Saloon (4 cylinder). I own a V6 model and I get around 5 km/l city driving. Accessories are all power including seats. Price range for V6 models are 250-350th.


How about VR-4? Are there any VR-4 8gen galants?


hmmm 250 - 350

pasok pala sa price range yung gusto ko na 8gen dark green galant 265K ang asking price nung owner.  ;D


Quote from: acube on April 25, 2008, 04:48:46 PM
How about VR-4? Are there any VR-4 8gen galants?

You mean twin turbo four wheel drive? Some have changed engines along with 4 wheel drive drivetrain.


Thanks for the info Conan   :thumbsup:

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