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know any site that offers free mp3 music?

Started by JTE, June 12, 2004, 09:48:56 PM

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I've been using Limewire for the longest time.  Yun nga lang, talagang sadyang mailap ang Lokal Boy ng Ethnic Faces.  :)



limewire din gamit ko. yun nga lang, limited and local artists.. :(
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if you are looking for better search for torrents (for bittorrent) go to, too bad, wala masyado pinoy music.. but its ok.. i got a hed kandi - nu cool 2006 complete album.. also korean movies in dvd format! hehe..


late nite trip - 36 mafia
nothing's free - lil john
i wanna fuck you - piles ft. akon

push it 2 d limit!!!
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Right now, EMule has a good selection, and some of the hard to find things are in here :)


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Quote from: Shaider on May 09, 2006, 12:53:00 PM
I've been using Limewire for the longest time.  Yun nga lang, talagang sadyang mailap ang Lokal Boy ng Ethnic Faces.  :)

ako naman "Parang Bowling" ng Ethnic Faces ang hinahanap ko.


for me limewire still the best source for mp3z and videos also....


maganda shareaza, no ads or spywares, thou, typically foreign music ang andun. kazaa and limewire, kakatakot, puro trojan.

if shareaza gamit mo, to have a OPM, try, kahit buong album meron! excellent quality music! minsan me 320kbps sample rate!

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