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Theme from MARLBORO ad

Started by 1min.shuffle, June 12, 2008, 12:23:50 AM

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I was just wondering where we I could purchase the audio cd of the instrumantal theme of the old "MARLBORO" Ad....was able to listen to this once with a friend...really was clear and I believe that it really brings out the real potential of any properly tuned audio system.  My mistake was i did not check details on the cd's cover and could not get hold of the guy who had it.  Would be really handy to get a copy of this.

Anyone? thanks!


Magnificent Seven title ng track. We had it with a Telarc compilation. Happy Trails ata title ng album. Try to google for it nalang. Actually with the newer testing CDs now, it sounds a bit thin na.


so marlboro lights na sya?  ;D

do people still use it as a test track? i thought its best to test your system with the kind of music you listen to?


Now, searching over the net makes it a lot easier for me now because of this information. /.....many thanks!


Hmm, I've this one too, also it could be a good ring tone.. :D

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