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montero vs. fieldmaster

Started by archijardy, September 08, 2009, 01:41:18 AM

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Hi Ai guys,

It seems that the Montero wins over a lot of SUV's here.

Given the choice between the 4x4 a/t Fieldmaster Pajero and a 2006 4x4 a/t Montero, whic one is it?

1. Fuel consumption
2. Ride height
3. Riding comfort
4. Maintenance

Initially my choice is the Fieldmaster, unless the Montero speaks for itself.

Inputs please. Thanks.


the pajero fieldmaster gets my vote ..


+1 pajero fieldmaster!  :thumbsup:


2006? thats the prev gen montero...+1 also on the field master


yung old ba na montero?  fieldmaster nalang better ride and a head turner than the old montero sport.

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