clubsilvia 3rd anniv activity post event report, august 24, 2008

Started by baby'zilla, August 26, 2008, 03:04:04 PM

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august 24, 2008, 630am:

1st to arrive @ petron GH were babyzilla & tiny. soon followed by justin (sti) and wes (wrx). also present were conan,titaw with lloyd riding shotgun, migs, hen, charing, oliver (sti) and rocky, with 2 civics in tow. charing had to leave his car coz of fender rubbing problems. total of 12 cars left petron GH.

along edsa and the SLEX to petron, babyzilla was driving like a man possessed! but his friends were understanding of him since they know how much he missed his car because of his injury. conan kept him company, taking the lead for a while along slex...

we were joined at petron slex by another civic- owned by, lorenzo ata (sorry, very bad with names  :dontknow: ) after some people gassed up, off we went again, still with the very excited babyzilla in the lead, this time with the muscle man, rocky, in tow. traffic was surprisingly light, and though there was a lot of roadwork, the pace was quite brisk, with plenty of slicing and dicing through the trafic. unfortunately, rocky was caught in the wrong lane, thus missed the greenfields exit. babyzilla graciouslly accompanied him to the next exit, where they promptly made a u-turn and proceeded to greenfields.

they reunited with the main convoy at caltex sta rosa, where babyzilla once again took lead car duty. traffic on the climb to tagaytay was again light, with very little obstacles. in no time, the convoy was entering the commercial center that housed starbucks, mile hi, pancake house, etc...

again the eternal query was asked:" creamed beef or not???" several comments on the magical properties of creamed beef were made, specifically how it was able to maintain the same appearance after it passed through one's digestive system. in deference to our guests who were uninitiated in the creamed beef experience, we chose to sup at pancake house. benito made a quick appearance, momentarilly leaving his "friend" to visit us at pancake house.

while partaking our breakfast, the rains came, thus insuring us of an exciting downhill trek to sta rosa, and ultimately, the world trade center,for a quick peak at the campi motor show. rocky and the 2 civics opted to stop and buy some pasalubong. now leading was justin, followed by wes, migs, babyzilla, conan, and oliver. despite the presence of slower traffic, the pace was quick, made more exciting by the added variable of rain. after a quick stop in caltex slex, the convoy proceeded to the world trade center.

in the meantime, hen and charing went back to petron greenhills to meet up with FRM to try and remedy charing's fender situation. justin and wes also took their leave at this point.

through the efforts of yellow jacket and the good graces of lucio and nissanbayan, 3 spots were made available at the nissanbayan club area, which were occupied by babyzilla, conan and tiny. mike/slow also made an appearance, apparently opting not to join clubsilvia festvities to honor a commitment to NB.

inside the WTC, it was noted that nissan, surprisingly, had some of the best-looking models! also notable was suzuki's display of their rally campaigner swift super 1600! truly a sweet machine! conan was also able to photograph some very interesting images at the yokohama booth. we also ran into K.O who had to work, manning the audi display....

the time was around 1pm, and the group now proceeded to citycart. rocky and the civics bade fairwell, as they had a family gathering to grace.
upon arriving at citycart, the remaining people, babyzilla, conan, tiny, migs, titaw, lloyd and oliver, had some hamburgers for lunch at citycart's resto. pretty tasty, but pricey @ 220 each.

soon after, the pm convoy from petron greenhills arrived with FRM, hen, charing, alking, mhon, beefy, emz, poloy and lawgo. the new stickers and VC cards were distributed at this point. thanks to ian for the cards! then a few of the guys went out to test their skills on the cart track. curiously, there was a lot of talk about "power to weight ratio" at this time, especially between migs, tiny and babyzilla. late arrivals were southern boys, bong-lep777 and fastdriver.

after a couple of heats, everyone proceeded to the parking lot for the customary group picture. a total of 13 silvias were present for this photo op. at this point, some people bade their farewell. people left one by one, leaving the foursome of conan, fastdriver, poloy and babyzilla for a little benchracing. we ultimately called it a day at around 6pm.

to all who attended, thanks for making this event a success! it wouldnt have been the same without you! until next year! mabuhay ang CLUBSILVIA!!!


my pics to follow.....  ;D
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it was a fun and fast drive! mukhang ok na ung paa mo boss! so pano basketball naba to?
thanx din to the two turbo es's hope you guys enjoyed the run!
haha more hp to clubsilvia and wishing us more funfilled years to come! :thumbsup:


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al king

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