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tires on honda esi 95 eg

Started by air_23, November 06, 2008, 07:07:06 PM

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mga dudes

plano ko kasi palitan nang size gulong and mags ko.. ano ba size pwede and ano pcd pwede?

i am planning around size 16 or 17 sana if possible pero pag hindi pwede paki advise ano pwede gawin dun thanks in advance ;D


i suggest going for 16s na lang.

16X6.5 or 16X7, +40~+45 offset
205/45R16 or 195/50R16 tires


try getting 15's lang muna.

15 inches are perfect for civics.

pag lumampas ka dun it may give demerits on the ride comfort.
other is yung suspension parts mo pa mas mapapadali ang buhay

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