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Funniest Names You Have Encountered

Started by djmondortiz, January 14, 2009, 03:34:45 PM

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They call one of our IT support guys 'DL' and we were wondering, what the heck does DL stand for? We found out when we we called his number on our Cisco IP phones and his real name registered: "DreamLord"  ;D
...and we 'drive' our cars on the 'parkway' and 'park' our cars on the 'driveway'...


Pitoy Moreno! there was a rumor that when he attended an international fashion show way way back and he's name was called, everybody was laughing. Pitoy was a nickname for "penis".  :violent1:


acer ikutanim         dating kaibigan
"nadia" call me       sa pager ng friend ko
bang buss              magandang pangalang sabi ng friend ko
tai mahusay           college schoolmate
mr kuneho             heard it sa isang meeting
pigao lugao           classmate elementary
paolo puto             nick name
dealer of replica watches, and other business


A guy called Dick Malit and a Girl called Tina Gamayuten


I had a blockmate in college whose name is Ishehyrelle Ieres Reyes. We call her "Ice" instead! ;)

I also remember meeting a sales agent of Viking Cars (Volvo), whose first name is VOLVO! It was as if he was born and destined to sell Volvos!  :evil5: :rofl: :violent1: :wave:

Sweet Lover

sa upuan ng bus: 'Jhun love Lhinda'

sa mid size na business na 30-40 something ang staff: 'Ate Merly, Ate Mercy, Ate Vangie...'

sa elementary school: 'Luz' (short for Luz-Vi-Minda - very common na pangalan ng guro)

if u know this guy just keep it to yourself - 'Nyords' (ano kaya ang original name nun?)

Sweet Lover

Arab names (theyre funny to begin with anyway)  and its American conversions (this is true):

Jamshid - 'James'
Akbar - 'Allen'
Arash - 'Josh'
Behrouz - 'Brad'
Mandana - 'Mandy'
Soleiman - 'Sally'
Mahyan - 'Manny'
Moshe - no translation, too bad...
Nachum - 'Nathan'
Itzhak - 'Isaac'
Simin - 'Simin' (retained but pronounced as 'Semen')
Faruk - 'Fred'

Sweet Lover

50 Caliber Sharp

Oh boy.... Here goes:

Flaregin Jaculina - Former Officemate
Frederico Palakanbato - Cousin's College Classmate
<firstname> Mababanloob - Patient (clinic record index card is next to mine)
Berlinda Pader - Office Applicant
"Bhernadeath" - picture with dedication of a woman (na mukhang katulong) that my buddy found in an FX
Mark Gil Makunatan - My neighbor's boyfriend (grandparent's hates him for being a sponge)
Cristina Bagongahasa - Friend's little sister's classmate (announced during their gradeschool graduation, valedictorian)
Thalia Marimar <lastname> - Gradeschool Field Tripper in SM Storyland (on her nametag)
Mr and Mrs Gisingmadali - Mayordoma's neighbors in her province
Mr and Mrs Bangonagad - Mayordoma's other neighbors in her province

Mr and Mrs Kufahl - Company Clients
Hong Tah - Company Client (Vietnamese)
Long Tah - Husband of Hong Tah
Randy Outen - Company Pharmacist (US Based)
Brandon Testicles - Pharmaceutics Supervisor (US Based)
Shori Youken - Girl I met in Akihabara, Japan
Its like a Chronic Illness....

Sweet Lover

eto classic - 'Tito Boy'

lahat ng pamilyang pinoy mern nyan!

Tito Jun (Junior)
Tito Cesar (Cesarian kase)
Tita Baby (yan ang babaeng version ni Tito Boy)

50 Caliber Sharp

Its like a Chronic Illness....


Quote from: 50 Caliber Sharp on January 25, 2009, 03:17:00 PM
Gago pala ha? Check this soccer player out:

:o :rofl: LMAO! :occasion14:   

you can just imagine what he calls the rest of his family! (mother, father, brother, sister, etc, etc...)  ;) :evil5: ;D

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