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racing game for 360?

Started by aid03, February 12, 2009, 01:56:42 AM

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haven't played the xbox in a while so my gf bought me a wheel for the 360 but don't have any games for it. what's a good racing game that you guys recommend? thanks! :)

im debating b/w forza 2 and NFS undercover... i like the undercover coz maggie q is in it but forza has a lot more cars i think.


try mo maghanap ng race-sim game, sayang lang ung wheel mo kung arcade-style race game lang lalaro-in mo, imho lang gtr2/gtr-evo ang best race-sim game available pero pang pc lang ito


i bought pgr4 and played it for a couple of the game is alright, you get to drive different cars but i cant tune them w/c kinda sucks. ill prolly get forza2 next time. im not really a gamer thats why the xbox is just sitting at the house collecting dust lol


lol after reading the other thread i found race pro for the 360 w/c is a simulator game...hehe

anybody tried this out yet?


Go with burnout bro. It's the best racing game eva! :))

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