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suspension 7g galant

Started by drg236, March 19, 2009, 11:38:36 AM

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i had my front suspension repaired at cruven. ball joint, rack end, tie rod and stabilizers repaired but still I hear kalampag on the driver's side. My shocks were not repaired nor replaced. Do think guys this kalampag comes with the shocks. Parang kumukulo yung sound. Halos na 8000 ako for the repair and still i hear this kalampag. nabawasan ung kalampag compared before the repair. Do u think replacing with a Surplus shock absorber will solve my problem. Please help me guys. Thanks!!!


Hi Sir,

most likely shocks yan. Pero it may also be shock mounts. Budget ka pa additional mga 5K for front shocks and shock mounts. :(

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