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Started by aid03, March 25, 2009, 04:33:21 AM

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thanks for compiling them aid03! these are really helpful :)  :wav:


updated the list and added a new tool. post 'em useful tools peeps ;D


Nice post! :thumbsup:

Matesting nga ScanPort and Comodo


I'm a Mac user, here are some programs I enjoy using :)

For To do's and reminders I use Things (Free, if you know what I mean). This is pretty cool since it lets you create projects and areas of responsibilities to better categorize your reminders :) it also has an alarm function as well as file linking. I believe there's an Iphone version

for Dock organization I use a program called Docks (Free). It allows me to switch through different dock setups :) so I have different docks for working, for entertainment, and just random items.

For Application or Program deletion I use a program called AppCleaner (Free). It cleans up the library, preference and cache files included with the program :)

For Ripping videos from the net I use a program called VideoBox (Trial). Just drag the URL there and it'll download the video and allow you to convert it to a format you enjoy :)


OH before I forget those who enjoy facebook, you can get your friends' profile photos and match them to your address book and then to your phone by using a program called AddressBookSync :D

Hope these are useful! :) Since they're mighty useful for me


I think Mac users would find these links useful as well: - what can beat free, legal and licensed? - daily collection of free, shareware and demo software


TeamViewer - free tool to remotely connect to other computers for file sharing and stuff. I use this to help my parents so I can easily connect to their computer and help them install and fix stuff. It's easier than remote desktop for windows especially if the computer is behind a router.


IOBit Security 360 - free antivirus program with real time protection. Cleans out cookies pretty well.

Ausologics Registry Cleaner - scans your registry and repairs it automatically.


Hotspot Shield - supposedly encrypts data you send over public wifi hotspots. It makes it harder for someone who knows a bit more of computers to steal information you send over the internet. Good for people who is always on the go and who uses free wifi a lot to make their computer a little bit more secure.
cnet download

Cool program. Checked Conan's sig and gives me a random IP address and ISP like those proxy websites I used to use back in college when I used their Not sure how good the encryption is but it's better than nothing I suppose.  ;D

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