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Help! My car is currently submerged in flood water..

Started by jdm_rims, September 26, 2009, 09:03:37 PM

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The replies have ben very thorough on the Q. of a flooded car. One thing I would add is to have the brake system checked. Regreasing the bearings is worth it. Use a calcium sulfonate grease, it works better in water instead of lithium-type of grease thickener. Long immersion in water causes the grease to wash out or emulsify exposing the bearings to the elements causing rust, corrosion and and short bearing life. It not addressed early, bearing seizure during a trip may result, causing more delay and expense not to mention compromised safety.


Quote from: Sunny on September 28, 2009, 07:09:22 PM
jon_rave -

tanggalin mo baterya - hose down mo buong interior and exterior nang kotse, pati engine bay para tanggal ang putik.

if EFI remove the ecu and clean with distilled water if the ecu was penetrated with water and mud, you can also use electrical contact cleaner - then let air dry - cross your fingers it still works - make sure not to create any static electricity when handling the ECU

disconnect MAF, MAP, TPS and IACV connections and clean with contact cleaner or carb cleaner - air dry (be careful not to spray directly into the hot wire sensor within the MAF (Mass Airflow) Meter

get a rag and try to clean as much of the mud or dirt if it penetrated your intake manifold


also - posted previously - i added some stuff as well

change air filter
change oil
change oil filter
fuel filter
drain your gas tank
change transmission oil and transmission strainer/filter
change a/c compressor oil
change brake fluid
radiator coolant
remove your carpet and seats to dry it up
dont start your vehicle you have to be sure that your computer box is dry before starting and clean all electric terminals
clean the entire vehicle
Pull your carpet and wash - hose down floor pan and open drain plugs for water to drain out

And when all that is completed, do like everyone else. Put the car for sale on the internet with the describtion "110% not flooded"  :fingers:


Best option would be to the drain the gas tank, have the oil & filter changed and as well as the oil transmission. there are also a lot of factors that needs to be observed. Also, when starting the whole car just so you'll know if it still works, make sure that the whole part of the interior of the vehicle is completely dry.


Lol.. yes if it runs, sell it immediately. Just kidding. bookmarked this checklist to my garage. ty!

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