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bakit mahal ang NSX?

Started by sportscaraddict, December 31, 2009, 12:05:36 PM

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Quote from: Conan on January 01, 2010, 12:14:04 AM
According to:

Ayrton Senna had inputs in the handling department, not in the design.

i stand corrected then :occasion14:


Pano mo nasabi na mahal? Yung mga mahal na NSX na for sale sa atin hirap ibenta kaya yung NSX na nabenta ko after 2 or almost 3 years last month ko lang nabenta ng mura.  ;D


Quote from: memnon on December 31, 2009, 11:11:34 PM
wahahahahahaha!  :thumbsup:

Rumor is the NSX was named after sex. NSeeeeeeeeX

@ crazy eyes, onga raw FTW dapat. para pag may magtanong, "ano auto mo?" yung sagot "HONDA!FTW!" lol

memnon and crazy eyes bat ang patapon ng mga posts niyo?? sobrang seryoso ng mga sagot ng mga tao eh! ahahahahaha

happy new year sirs! :rock: :partyon:


Quote from: jUs- on December 31, 2009, 12:55:46 PM
the fact that its a rare iconic supercar.

/thread.  :evilgrin2:

I like the fact that both Ayrton Senna and Alessandro Zanardi (commemorative edition) had connections to the NSX program... as they're two of my top five favorite drivers of all time...

Besides the aluminum monocoque... bear in mind that the NSX's suspension was comprised mostly of aluminum, and that the engine used titanium connecting rods... some pretty wild and expensive stuff there.

Despite the low numbers in the engine department, the NSX was a supercar, in every sense of the word. And it was a product that was so right that Honda didn't see fit to change the formula for fifteen years. That's because the NSX's comfort, handling and ergonomics were beyond reproach... and to change or add anything excessive to that formula (bigger wheels with super-wide tires... bigger engine with more power) would simply tip the balance and make it somewhat less perfect.

The NSX had a far-reaching effect that will please many motorheads... it was responsible, in part, for the revitalization of Ferrari... as the 355 (predecessor to the 360 and 430) was designed to beat it.

See... the Ferrari 348 wasn't exactly the best sports car Ferrari has ever made... and when it was released, the NSX, well... here was a Honda that was light years ahead of Ferrari... better engine, better chassis, better suspension, more exotic construction... it forced Ferrari to get serious with its road cars... and look where that's led us... the 355 was good, the 360 was great, the 430 was absolutely incredible and the 458 looks like it will be better still.

Even better, the NSX hugely influenced Gordon Murray in the design of the McLaren F1. He made it his benchmark in what a supercar should be. He cites it as a major influence in the design of the F1.

The NSX... it's not just a Honda... it's one of the best supercars of all time.


There was even a Zanardi version NSX that was a limited release. Also, a friend of mine told me that it would cost around 5-7 mil to bring home here a 2005 NSX-R.

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Sportscaraddict, aren't you yourself selling an NSX right here?:

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The Japanese experts said that the NSX chassis will be good for more than 20 years.  Not like standard steel monocoque chassis which can get rusted after 5 years or so.  But steel chassis can easily be restored here in the Philippines.  Problem with the NSX aluminum chassis is it's not that easily restored.  Aluminum can corrode and lose it's strength but it'll last much longer than steel so long as it doesn't crash or anything like that.  During a crash, steel flexes and crumples but you can easily "pull" it back into shape then weld some reinforcement.  We see this all the time in racing.  But aluminum components like wheels, chassis and suspension arms, react differently to crashes and high impact than steel.  Basically, you cannot repair aluminum components like you would steel.  They basically become throw-aways and you need to replace them with new ones.  I think there is a way to weld aluminum chassis crack but I'm not sure if we have that kind of technology that will restore it back to its original strength. This is going to be the problem of old NSX's and other used cars made of aluminum so be careful when you buy one.

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Quote from: mikaelrules on January 03, 2010, 11:38:27 AM
Sportscaraddict, aren't you yourself selling an NSX right here?:

Oo nga noh haha!  Anyway, nakita ni JC itong exact car sa underground parking ng corinthian hills clubhouse... mga last week lang.
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Quote from: mikaelrules on January 03, 2010, 11:38:27 AM
Sportscaraddict, aren't you yourself selling an NSX right here?:

Sir mikaelrules, yes I was selling it. I bought the car here in Japan but after a few test drives, I have decided to keep it for a while until we get some good offers. And so my brother and I are slowly modifying it. I made this thread to know more about NSX and to really appreciate the car that we have and eventually maximize its potential.

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Quote from: Crazy Eyes on January 03, 2010, 10:17:38 PM
Oo nga noh haha!  Anyway, nakita ni JC itong exact car sa underground parking ng corinthian hills clubhouse... mga last week lang.
Sir crazy eyes, opo same car po yun. Thanks.


hehe oonga, bakit ang mahal ang NSX? Lalo na yung sa sulit? hehe  :wav: I know it has value, pero grabe pala, tinalo pa price nung boxster forsale ninyo.


A brand new NSX costs a heck of a lot more than a brand new Boxster... and is more exclusive.

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The NSX on sulit is an orig LHD?


That not even a comparisson. NSX > Boxter anyday from any angle.

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could be sir benj... last time i checked the ad, its an acura nsx... US model siguro to? i could be wrong though...


sir benj, opo original left hand. thanks.


My NSX story!!!
I don't know what mahal to you is but I believe it is relative lol!!!
NSX is a good car and a lot easier and cheaper to maintain than a Ferrari but then it is a Honda.
When I was young many moons ago my neighbor and friend bought a new red NSX.
A couple of years later I bought a used Testa -silver.
When we go on a Friday and Saturday night drive on the boulevard girls would hail me 3 time more than him.
He said the only reason why they hailed him is because they thought he was driving a Ferrari.
A year later he bought a 911, only then he competes.

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