Ford focus 2010 hid projector retrofit

Started by nighthawk, May 19, 2010, 11:33:29 AM

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just completed yesterday, just want to share the photos.

this one is owned by TailGater our fellow AI member.

was very glad on the outcome of these, the headlamps look like Ford Focus ST!  :applause:

Before retrofitting

After retrofitting

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


Wow, this is beautiful! I want to have this done on my Focus as well! How much did everything cost, sir?


it looks like..... a VOLVO now!  :banana:  ;D

but seriously, hats off to another great retrofit job!  :wav: :notworthy:   :applause:

that's how the Focus' lights should be STOCK!  :evil5:

anyway, can we see some pics of the output/ cutoff?  :happy1:


thanks bro! for the output pics hindi ko na nakuhanan, its same old FXR output anyway, wide and bright hehe!  ;D ;D

blue TRD

great job tim! congrats, ang ganda!  :thumbsup: up for you.  :cheer:
Particular about your car?



hehehe i am very pleased with the outcome of this project. worth every penny.

ooops damn my avatar is outdated
70whp car, 220lb driver.

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