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Help My Drain Plug is stuck

Started by SPOT10, August 21, 2010, 05:51:17 PM

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my oil drain plug is stuck now my main problem is
nilagyan ko ng shell oil flush yung makina thinking na matatanggal ko ung drain plug  :violent1: :violent1:

ako kasi normally ng chchange oil ng auto ko

what would happen kung paandarin ko yung auto ko papuntang mechanic shop
malapit lang naman mga 5min drive

would it be better kung pa baklas ko nalang yung oil pan para ma drain rather than
dalin ko sa mechanic shop?...

i really need your advise guys
thanks in advance


i think it's just ok to drive it to the shop kung 5-min drive lang.

but if you prefer not to drive it, pa-home service mo na lang sa mekaniko.


depends din how it's stuck. you may have to remove the pan anyway to rethread the drain plug hole.
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