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Sound Magus DK600

Started by lomiboi17, August 23, 2010, 08:17:36 PM

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mga master okay na kaya ang sound magus dk600
para sa 2 12" JBL GT5 S12..
300rms each po ung subs..
while the amplifier is ratted at
400rms @ 4ohms
600rms @ 2ohms

will it be sufficient for the 2 jbl subs?


I reckon you are going to bridge the subs?

Leo C.

Yes and No. Yes because in paper the amp will produce 600 watts but in reality, the car's charging system would dictate how the amp will perform.  No, because yung gt5 subs is rated at 300 watts, so ma wawalan ka ng head room sa music peaks.  Yes ulit kasi yung amp mo ay 2 ohms stable, No ulit kasi yung amp is physically small so eventually mag overheat yan at mag shut-down. At marami pang factors......   Kung light to easy listening lang, pwede na yan, pero pag loud and heavy music, cannot be. ;)


in short po mabibitin ako sakanya?
pwede po ba kayo recommend any mono amp
na 5-8k lang po price range..

Leo C.

if your really into sound magus,go for the model cost more but it would give you a run for your money in the long run.


kahit ano pong amp basta maidrive niya lang ung 2 jbl's ko..
ang prob ko kasi sa x802
RMS Power at 14.4V (into 1 ohm 50Hz THD+N < 2%)820 Watt
RMS Power at 14.4V (into 2 ohm 50Hz THD+N < 2%)500 Watt
RMS Power at 14.4V (into 4 ohm 50Hz THD+N < 1%)300 Watt

500rms lang siya at 2ohm
2 svc sbl's lang po sub ko kaya hindi ko siya
maiiwire @ 1ohm...

any other mono amp that will cost 6-8k sir?

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