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Republic Act 4136 for our Lights

Started by rafael28, August 31, 2010, 03:58:07 PM

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Accessories of Motor Vehicles

Section 34.

(c) Headlights. - Every motor vehicle of more than one meter of projected width, while in use on any public highway shall bear two headlights, one on each side, with white or yellowish light visible from the front, which, not later than one-half hour after sunset and until at least one-half four before sunrise and whenever weather conditions so require, shall both be lighted.

Additional lamps and light may be carried, but no red lights shall be visible forward or ahead of the vehicle. Trucks, buses, trailers, and other similar vehicles must carry, while in use on any public highway during night-time, colored riding lights on each of the four corners not more than ten centimeters from the top.

All motor vehicles shall be equipped with devices for varying the intensity of light, and the driver must dim the headlights or tilt the beams downward whenever the vehicle is being operated on well-lighted streets within the limits of cities, municipalities, and thickly populated barrios or districts, or whenever such vehicle meets another vehicle on any public highway.

(d) Taillights. - Every motor vehicle and trailer shall, during the above-mentioned hours, also bear on each side in the rear a lamp showing a red light visible at least one hundred meters from the rear of the vehicle and a lamp throwing a white light upon the number plate issued for such vehicle.

(e) Stop lights. - Every motor vehicle shall be equipped at the rear with at least one lamp which shall throw a sustained bright red light visible under all conditions, even under bright sunlight, when the brakes are applied. Each bus, truck, trailer or similar vehicle shall be equipped, as its stop light at or near its rear center, with a lamp at least twelve centimeters in diameter with the word "stop" inscribed in the center.

(f) Motorcycle and other vehicle lights. - Every motor vehicle of less than one meter of projected width shall be subject to the preceding provisions of this section, except that one headlight and one taillight shall be required. No signal light shall be necessary.

Additional lamps may be carried provided they comply with the preceding provisions of this section.

Every motor vehicle, or whatever style, kind, make, character, or nature, when upon a highway during the hours above-mentioned, whether in motion or not, shall have one or more lights so arranged that the same shall be visible at least fifty meters from the front and the rear of such vehicle.

(g) Lights when parked or disabled. - Appropriate parking lights or flares visible one hundred meters away shall be displayed at a corner of the vehicle whenever such vehicle is parked on highways or in places that are not well-lighted or is placed in such manner as to endanger passing traffic.

(h) Windshield wiper. - Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mechanically or electrically operated device for wiping off raindrops or other moisture from its front windshield.

(i) Use of red flag. - Whenever the load of any vehicle extends more than one meter beyond the bed or body thereof, there shall be displayed at every projecting end of such load a red flag not less than thirty centimeters both in length and width, except that during the hours fixed under subsection (c), there shall be displayed, in lieu of the required red flags, red lights visible at least fifty meters away.

(j) Mufflers. - Every motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine shall be equipped with a muffler, and whenever said motor vehicle passes through a street of any city, municipality, or thickly populated district or barrio, the muffler shall not be cut out or disconnected. No motor vehicle shall be operated in such a manner as to cause it to emit or make any unnecessary or disagreeable odor, smoke or noise.

Leo C.

This Republic Act 4136 was approved and passed in the early 60's.  We better check other newer laws that might have superseded this law, if there are any.   More recent laws consistent with the provisions of RA4160 will definitely supersede the old law.


Some more motoring/transport related laws aside from RA4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code) are (c/o congress's Reference and Research Bureau:

RA7924 - MMDA
RA8506 - Banning of RHD vehicles
RA8749 - Clean air act
RA8750 - Seat belt act
DO93-693 - Schedule of LTO fees and charges
AO-99004 - Implementing rules for seat belts
AO-99003 - Guidelines on commemorative plates

Full RA4136 at lawphil:

AHS-2008-015 - Motorcycles

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