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Subaru Society

Started by carlotrd, September 09, 2010, 12:15:52 AM

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Introducing: Subaru Society

First and foremost, Subaru Society is a community-based automobile club. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization that is now in the process of being registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.

Subaru Society is an automobile club based in the Philippines, but with a global reach. Its primary purpose is to provide a venue for camaraderie & goodwill amongst Subaru owners and enthusiasts. Through its online forum at, it serves to be the premiere resource and exchange of information for all things Subaru. Its online forum is the primary venue for the aforementioned, but regular physical meetings and fun runs will also take place.

Officers and Owners
Although required by the SEC Articles of Incorporation (in which trusted volunteers will be appointed as members of the board and assigned officer positions), there are really no officers to speak of in Subaru Society. No elections will be held. Instead, the club will form committees which will be tasked to take care of the various needs of the club. These committees will be comprised of volunteers who will elect amongst themselves committee heads, which by no means are to be considered positions of power. Committees will include (but are not limited to): Forum Management, Events & Activities, Finances, and Membership

Although the website and its domain are registered by one particular person, it is not owned by that person. Instead, the site and its domain are property of the Subaru Society community as a whole.

Administrators and moderators will be assigned to manage the forum but by no means should be considered as officers of the club.

Membership to SubySoc is earned rather than purchased (we do not have a membership fee). To be a member, one must have a combination of all of the following requirements:
• registered with the online forum for at least 3 months
• posted at least 30 meaningful posts in the forum
• must have attended at least 3 physical events (fun runs or EBs).

Some of the immediate benefits for qualified members are:
• an official SubySoc membership pack (at an estimated cost of P500) which consists of:
> an official membership card (valid for one year)
> a Subaru Society car decal
> a Subaru Society shirt

• discounts to services, parts and merchandise at Subaru Greenhills (Motor Image) and Pampanga
• discounts and perks at establishments owned by fellow Subaru Society members
• invitation to official Subaru and Subaru Society events
• track days at discounted prices (if not complementary)

Membership Card
• valid for one year
• renewal will be based on a membership committee deliberation
• non-transferable and will indicate name of member, model of Subaru owned and its plate number
• extension cards may be purchased for a minimum fee should a member have more than one Subaru

Cost for operating Subaru Society will primarily be covered by the members of the community on a voluntary basis. Donors and amounts donated will be published in the online forum (should a member wish to be anonymous, it will be indicated as such). SubySoc will emphasize that any donations will not translate into extra benefits or special treatments.

To provide a venue for camaraderie and resource for Subaru owners and enthusiasts the world over.
To promote goodwill and friendships built around one common passion for Subaru cars.

Subaru Society will be the premiere organization for all things related to Subaru, being the collective voice Subaru owners and the primary resource for all information related to Subaru.

Don't forget, we are all here to have fun in the name of one common interest--and that is Subarus. So please do not take things too seriously.

Thank you very much for taking the time to understand the objectives and intentions of Subaru Society. We trust that you will enjoy your stay and we look forward to your participation here.


The Subaru Society Team.

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