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Hallogen on Projectors?

Started by fgvillegas, October 04, 2010, 03:53:09 PM

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Is it possible to use hallogens on projectors?

I wanted to have my headlights retrofitted with projectors but using hallogens instead of HIDs. Though the latter is better, it would be a hassle once it gets busted. From what i know, there are no shops where you can readily buy replacements when this happens. Hallogen, on the other hand, is much more available wherever you are.



yes, it's possible. but your expense on having your headlights retrofitted would be put to waste if you just put halogens. might as well leave your headlights stock, and replace your bulbs with high performance halogens.

HID kits are quite inexpensive these days, and many offer warranty. so just claim warranty when your bulb or ballast gets busted. ;)


i was once using hid on my headlight intended for hallogens. but i swithched back to hallogens for 2 reasons. 1st, the light is scattered oviously because my headlights are not intended for hid. 2nd, my hid bulb got busted twice during my use. yes, it's under warranty, but i have to wait for a bulb replacement for a week or two. very inconvenient.

anyway, i remember having projector foglights before made by hella and it uses 55-watt hallogen bulbs. the distance of the light it projected is longer than the average and it seems brighter. so, i was thinking if i would be using projector headlights using hallogens, then i would get the same effect.

but you may be right, the good effect might not be worth the expense.

thanks for your input.

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