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toyota Camry club

Started by kenscar88, October 21, 2010, 11:33:53 PM

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 :banana:Guys wala ba FUN RUN ang CAMRY CLUB PHILIPPINES? if ever meron..pls.txt me at 0919-3587604..thanks! :partyon:

Jose T. Batungbacal

Good Day! is there a Camry Club? Im currently driving a 2.2 1998....

Jose T. Batungbacal

Is there a Camry club here in manila?

Jose T. Batungbacal

Is there a Toyota Camry Club here in the philippines or in manila? im using a 2.2 1998


I think most Camry owners are middle aged men who don't join car clubs. Maybe join the Toyota Auto Club of the Philippines or Grupo Toyota instead?


Its sad, one day we'll be part of that middle aged Camry club lol

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Boggs Labayen

Why don't we start camry club? or is there a process to start a club?


I dont think there really is a process you need t i follow. You could start with a forum like this and go on frim there. Most of the guys are probably on the internet nowadays searching for a camry club like you

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            To all Camry owners out there, feel free to call or tx me (09155601552)
   We can exchange ideas, share infos etc. I don't know if there is a Camry club
   coz i sure would like to join.   Cheers!!!

     (2007 Camry 3.5Q)


Quote from: Jose T. Batungbacal on April 16, 2014, 03:35:11 PM
Is there a Camry club here in manila?
Quote from: Boggs Labayen on May 19, 2014, 08:01:08 PM
Why don't we start camry club? or is there a process to start a club?

   Bro how do we start a camry club? I have no idea on how it is done. I don't even know
How to post pictures here. Friends need some help here on how to start a club and how to post pics. Still a newbie here so some help will be greatly appreciated. Tnx

Carla Dilidili

Hi everyone is there anybody here na car owner or have known na may Toyota Camry 2.5V & Toyota Camry 3.5.

I am in need of respondents to my company's CONSUMER SURVEY for all the car owners na bumili ng camry last Jan 2913 - August 2014?
- in return there will have a simple token.

I hope you guys can help me pls this is needed this is a face to face interview of our Field Researchers at your most convenient time.friends..

Carla Dilidili

Correction on the year...jan 2013 to August 2014 purchased po...


post some pics of your camry guys,and maybe you can start by having a simple eb/fun run with other camry owners that are active in ai.


Looking at the post I wrote about a year ago. I guess I'm part of that middle aged Camry owner now LOL

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There's a facebook group that's quite active and already has 700+ members chatting on the news feed. 

Here's the group's FB page:

We have monthly EB's for almost a year now (maybe longer), and if you're interested to join the fun, there's a grand EB at the Filinvest 1 Motorfest on October 24, 2015 at 6pm sharp.

See Gen4, 5, 6, and up Camries on coilovers, airbags, or other sorts of drops, kits and set ups.

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