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looking for TAIL LIGHT for nissan sentra model 1990

Started by BOOM1471, November 18, 2010, 05:04:29 PM

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Hello guys.. am looking for an original tail light for nissan sentra 1990.... nag canvass ako sa banawe and they told its taiwan made it cost 980... am worry kasi baka d magparis yung tail light ko sa passenger side.. coz my driver side nasira yung tail light ko binunggo kasi ako e..

help me pleasee.. thanks


Taiwan-made lamp assemblies are replacements. Either replacements, surplus or originals possibly will not match the other side since its older. Replacement lamps' lenses will easily fade and are susceptible to water penetrating the insides.
Either hunt for surplus in Banawe or Evangelista that matches the other's discolorization or get an original both sides from casa.
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