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Somnio Running Shoes

Started by El, December 12, 2010, 07:54:47 PM

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Anyone has these?


They were supposed to launch those shoes locally and they tried to tie-up with us (Gold's Gym) but they didn't seem to be prepared and didn't offer us anything attractive to make us want to tie-up with them. It's the group that brings in Cole Hann shoes that was supposed to launch it.

Sweet Lover

has anyone tried these shoes for running? how does it compare to Asics?

Leo C.

Don't know about Asics but the Somnio Exact Change is a good long distance shoe similar to the New Balance 1223.  And btw they do custom made running shoes.


Quote from: Sweet Lover on December 13, 2010, 07:15:01 AM
has anyone tried these shoes for running? how does it compare to Asics?

Somnio is a semi-customized shoe, so it would be hard to compare them. Surely they won't be a mainstream brand as the cheapest shoe is 125 Dollars and the customization won't make them widely available in stores. From the running shoes that I've tried I would rate Asics the best closely followed by MIzuno. I don't have good experience with New Balance and I would not buy them again.


I've seen this shoes worn by a man at Makati. At first hindi ko siya pinansin cause I thought na hindi sikat yung brand. Kaso I was wrong pala. Haha. Btw, these shoes are cool, wonder where I can get them?   :eat:


bought a pair online for cheap. they were the older version and i should be getting them monday. ill let you know if they're worth it


here's my review of the shoes. my first impression of the shoes(somnio pacemaker) when i opened the box is that they looked ugly and cheap. on the other hand, my gf's 'somnio mission control' shoes were a lot nicer than mine, i felt cheated but for the price i got them for they were alright i guess. the shoes we got has the + insoles and 55durometer cushion inserts.

the shoes that i got fits perfectly. they were a bit firm but still comfy. ive had problems with my left toe because of a knot on one of my toes from too much running and marching. after running and working out using these shoes for a week, my toe doesn't even bother me. i still get shin splints on my left leg from running and probably because im using the wrong insoles and cushioning. i just wish we have a somnio store around the area so i could get fitted properly.

overall, the brand might steer you away from them but i think they are worth a shot.

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