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mb quart dsc4125 amp

Started by the mark, January 05, 2011, 09:29:42 PM

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the mark

tulong mga ka-AI i have an mb quart dsc4125 4ch amp which is swictchable to 2 channel @ 500rms x 2 @ 4ohms ang tanong ko ngayon eh kung pwede yung apat na lanzar opti52 2 way coaxials 4ohms @ 75rms x 4 sa isang channel at isang audiobahn na 4 ohms AW1251T  400rms sa kabilang channel. please help.


Parang malabo gusto mo mangyari. When you bridge speakers together the impedance runs lower. So magiging 1ohm na yan lalabas. Most like you'll toast everything.

the mark

ok thanks sa advise tol that clears everything for me. gud motoring.

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