Michellin PS2 vs Yokohama A-Drive... or turanza pa rin?

Started by falken205, January 25, 2011, 10:46:16 AM

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i'm currently preparing to replace my stock tires... worn out na kasi. they're still the stock turanza, i actually have no complains except they are a little noisy pero tolerable pa naman. the good thing is, hindi nagkabukol at kahit ilang beses na sya nagulat sa lubak ng metro manila ok pa rin. this time i'm considering yokohama a-drive and the michellin PS2. a-drive because i read that it is quieter than the turanza. michellin naman because it seems to have a very good reputation.

so, what are you thoughts? my primary considerations are:
1. safety --no reputation na sumasabog
2. durability --i had falkens before, twice ako nagkabukol at sobrang maingay
3. grip / breaking distance --as long as it is not lower than the characteristics of the turanza ok na sakin. i don't race naman (except may accent hahaha joke!).
4. wear/mileage --yung hindi naman mabilis maupod kasi mahal ng tires

i'm looking for slightly used stock a-drive, yung mga nagpalit agad ng mags after purchase ng FD, kapag wala ako makuha i will get brandnew ones. that's why i'm asking for your opinion between the two brands/model.

by the way, michellin pilot sport2 = 5,200.00 vs yokohama a-drive = 4,800.00. price difference is negligible.

thanks a lot for ur time!

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