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Need an Expert's advice on Lifting my Gen1 SWB Pajero

Started by rodeljavier, January 26, 2011, 10:17:48 PM

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Mga Sir/s,

I would like to request for an advice regarding my plans to body lift my stock gen. 1 SWB Pajero A/T (4D56T Engine). I am currently using it as my daily car to and from to office and primarily pang porma lang ang reason kaya gusto ko siya ilift to be able to install a bigger tires maybe.... 33's or 35's.

Considering the intended tire sizes, budget constraints and yung existing Auto Transmission nya (if ever may issue), ano kaya ang height ng body lift na kailangan ko ipagawa, then kung mag 35' anong gear combination ang kailangan maipalit sa stock set-up nya para maretain yung dati nyang hatak and street performance or at least ma-improve yung existing.

eto po yung current photo ng aking unit for your reference. TIA





Im not sure on what the setup of your suspension is but if your running coil springs and you want something cheap you can probably install coil spacers. You can get about 2 inches of lift from that and that could be enough for you to install 33s on your pajero. Im just not sure who has spacers for your car if ever it does run on coils but probably you can have someone like 199 offroadhouse make them for you. As for tire size, i suggest 33s as 35s wont make you fit in any covered parking lots  ;)


T.Y. sir mykboo, I am currently running on coils at the back and IFS in front, regarding coil spacers you have mentioned, if ever I install a pair on my rear what do i need to do on the front IFS to level the horizontal setting of my car as adding the spacers at the back would increase my rear height, then I am not leaning on cranking my Tbar in-front since most of the info's I have read in all thread confirms that cranking Tbar will stiffen the ride.

If I will be using 33's do i need to re-gear my diff.? how? TIA




you wont need to regear on 33s unless you plan to do some hardcore offroading but if its more for daily use your fine with the stock gearing. as for the front youve no choice but to either crank up the torsion bars or buy a new set. you will stiffen the ride if you crank them to their maximum level but just as long as you leave some room im sure youll be fine


kung naka coil ka punta ka banawe you can use lifters ang pang pajero 350 ang isa. you need four. hangang 2" lang ang itaas mo kase magiging unstable yung oto mo.madali magwiggle kahit mag strut ka wiggle parin.

kung magpalit ka ng mas malaking gulong definitely mas lalong lalakas ka sa gas kase dagdag bigat yan sa oto. watch out for wheel bearings. . .  kase kung di ka pa nagpapalit at biglang palalakihan mo yung gulong mo pwede bumigay o masira ung wheel bearing. kay dapat kung masira pang off road ang ilagay mo mas matibay. pero kung sagad ka sa budget dahil sa modifications na ginawa mo alalaw lang sa tapak ng gas huag padasko ldaskol sigurading pati drive train ng matic mo damay.

let me know uif you have questions pa

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