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6 Channel Stereo Connection on my Amp

Started by diorel, March 03, 2011, 05:46:02 PM

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I would like to seek your advise here. I'm planning to have my amp installed using a 6 channel stereo connection.

Amp Specs:

* 4/3/2 Channel Amp
* Class D Digital amp circuit
* Speaker Impedance: 2-4 ohms
* Max Output Power: 4 x 900W
* Rated Output (RMS): 4 x 800 (10Hz-25Khz, 10%THD,4)
* Current: power input pin -40A ; remote input -1.5mA

As per manual there are 4 speaker wiring diagrams that can be used:

* 2 channel bridged
* 3 channel stereo
* 4 channel stereo
* 6 channel stereo

I'm opting for 6 channel stereo below

* front left and right speakers - channel 1 and 2 respectively
* rear left and right speakers - channels 3 and 4 respectively
note: above connections describes a normal 4 channel stereo
* sub 1 is bridged on channels 1 and 2
* sub 2 is bridged on channels 3 and 4

* front/rear imp - 4 ohms 150W peak each
* sub 1 and 2 imp - 4-8 ohms 300W peak each

Note: I don't want to remove my rear fill for my passengers listening and don't want to add another separate amp for the subs.

Would this 6 channel stereo advisable? Won't this diagram be hard on my amp? What are the cons of this 6 channel stereo connection? Or this would be fine? Or would you suggest something else?

Need your advise here. Thanks a lot in advance!

Honda Accord 95 exi A/T


How big is your amp? 4 x 800 watts? That's about 3200 watts already.


don't know how true the specs are sir Brent. I think its over exaggerated the amp being a bootleg V23 MRV-F805. it has 4000W marked on its surface haha!. anyway, just to be sure my amp won't be drained of power, i had my subs 1 and 2 amped on ch3 and ch4 respectively, and my rear speakers on ch 1 and 2.  my front seps being hu driven. seems fine naman.

i'm thinking now of amping the front seps on ch 1 and 2, hu driven rears. 
Honda Accord 95 exi A/T


I think the 4000W is like those PMPO stereo components for home use. Where the rated power is usually only 10% or maybe even less.

Yes use hu driven rears. Had the similar setup before in my Civic. Ran my front seps full active with the help of a RF Symmetry, drove my rears with the HU and then a 2-channel for the sub.

You can run your fronts on 1 and 2. Bridge the 3 and 4 for your sub. Set the amp gains to the lowest setting first before playing.

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