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best HID?

Started by jkfjkf, May 07, 2011, 02:37:35 PM

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what brand, made and how much? tnx!


Don't even think about installing HIDs on your original reflector-type headlights. It will cause so much glare to oncoming motorists. Have them retrofitted to projectors. That starts at 14k. 


Philips, of course! but your headlights have to be projector-type already! ;)


xenon works ok din ang reviews pero wag lang PnP kase useless


2010 strada gls po ung kakabitan ko. projector na po ba toh?


among the brands mendtioned, one brand that stands out form my list is mcculloch that is if you're willing to shell out a considerable amount of money.

you might want to ask your car's manufacturer what brand they use for thier HID systems for their models that come equipped with one.

like toyota, they use koito as their OEM hid systems.


sir ung made in korea ba matibay? may offer kc saken sa autoline 8k HID (hi-lo and fogs na)
ok lng ba toh?


So what you're really looking for is a "best buy" HID kit not the BEST HID.

I've personally had a good experience with VTX. So far so good naman itong nasa pickup ko now. I had VTX also in my Civic before, good experience din naman. Warranty is 2 years, so you have peace of mind. I have a headlight relay kit added though, because my electrician recommended it so it doesn't overload the stock headlight switch due to the higher current.


made in san po yan VTX sir? san shop po kau ngpakabit?


Kulang ba ng letters yun keyboard mo? Please type out your words. Next thing you know you might be writing your name with less letters.

VTX is made in China. Had mine installed in C3 Banawe.


Quote from: jkfjkf on May 11, 2011, 07:24:13 AM
made in san po yan VTX sir? san shop po kau ngpakabit?

you can also buy directly from their main shop at San Juan, beside Serenitea.


sorry sir brent.

thank you po!

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