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Will the 4g13 engine tranny fits the 4g63 engine????

Started by renzacedo, July 31, 2011, 08:50:29 PM

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ilang bolt yung 63 mo?
yung 6 bolt ko dati umubra yung 4g15 tranny(not sure pero dapat same lang sila ng 4g13), pero hinde tumagal, sumabog din....
sa 7 bolt, una ginamit ko is yung from 4g92... pero sumabog din.. end end...
yung sa 63 mismo na ginamit ko... kaso i had to convert my cable type clutch type to hydraulic.
good luck!

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It will fit. Match it with a;
4g93NA(7bolt) flywheel + galant GTi clutch disk
4g63NA(6bolt) flywheel + galant GTi clutch disk

*depends on what gen ng 63T

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