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The Only Tool You Need To Find Your Stolen Pictures | How To Protect Yourself Fr

Started by theveed, August 11, 2011, 04:06:12 PM

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The Only Tool You Need To Find Your Stolen Pictures | How To Protect Yourself From Photo Theft

Post Photos Online = Photos Stolen Online

Most seasoned photographers or at least social media veterans agree that once we post a photo online, it is out in the open and it is vulnerable to photo theft and copyright infringement.

While many cases of unauthorized usage of photographs are innocent enough and often out of ignorance of copyright rules, there are many cases where the perpetrators are well aware that they're stealing photographs for their own personal or commercial gain.

Photographers only find out that their pictures were stolen when the offender's reproduction gains popularity or visibility on the internet. The irony, however, is that the most stolen photos are pretty viral to begin with, so the artist and the photograph itself has circulated enough that a lot of netizens are aware of who the original photographer was and what they're seeing is a copy of the original.

If you have an extensive library of images (particularly good, commericially-viable ones), it may take a long time to manually track all your images, but if you only have a handful, or if you've already identified that your photo has been stolen at least once, then this single FREE tool will help you uncover more instances of photo theft.

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