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Soundmagus CK75 hot

Started by wizzkid, November 14, 2011, 10:42:58 AM

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Hi Guys,

I have sound magus ck75 installed on my car, I noticed that it become very hot, is it normal? hindi ba masisira yung power amp?

The amp is installed under the driver's seat



Who installed your amp? Common installation knowledge discourages installing under the seats for ventilation purposes. Try to move your amp to a different area which allows for it to breath.

Leo C.

The case/body of the amp is a heat sink. The fins and ducts on most amp surfaces are not just designs. They are actually heat sinks that cools the amp. The heat sink transfers heat to another medium such as air to cool the amp. The amp must always be placed where there is ample supply of air to make it run cool.   Also, the ck75 is a class AB amp which normally runs hotter than class D amps.


 there is ample of space for air to circulate around. hindi naman sagad yung space, but I will try to move the amp to different location.

Thanks for your responses Brent and Vivo =)

Leo C.

How hot is hot? Power amps normally heats up. Other causes of overheating are: too high gains, mis matched speakers, inferior or substandard wiring, improper speaker connection, poor ventilation.

Here's an idea:

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