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mazda 3 hatch wheels

Started by tYe, February 23, 2012, 03:45:54 PM

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any suggestions anong bagay na wheels for the mazda 3 hatch..white color..hindi lowered..pref 17"..what tire offset would u guys recommend, thanks!

Leo C.

Try mo Rota Vector or G Force. Try mo din Mazda 3 2.0 17", at least original and you can find class A pre-owned ones. Kung 18", consider mga Mazda RX-8 OEM wheels. :thumbsup: Stay away from chrome wheels! Di bagay ;D


 :applause: thanks for the inputs vivo...what can you say about concept one wheels? bagay kaya sa hatch yun velbret?

pag 18" dba manipis na yun gulong? if 17" ano offset ng gulong na sakto? thanks

Leo C.

Maganda velbret, yung black. Choosing a design is personal. I personally like thick spokes, 5 up to 8.  I think yung factory offset ay 52mm.

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