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2 Din Head Unit, Pioneer or JVC?

Started by HiDdenSpoul, February 24, 2012, 08:43:00 AM

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i want to change my HU on my toyota crown but i don't know what 2 din head unit to buy. budget is around less than 20k.

first, what's better, jvc or pioneer?

2nd, what to look for when buying a 2 din head unit? pioneer and jvc has many kinds but i don't know the difference

Leo C.

It depends on what you need. Nice interface, iPod connectivity, bluetooth, GPS, USB, Sub-out, tilt-screen, fixed screen, screen size, price, power output, etc., etc.


check and compare both brands before you buy. JVC's are usually cheaper, and with features available on the high-end models of other brands (like 7" LCD). but one drawback is that they are low-powered. (just 20W per channel)


go with pioneer avh-2350dvd or avh-1450. less than 20k yan with ipod cable and reliable.


Was just in Banawe recently and boy have the prices gone down. Less than 20k for a AVH-4450DVD with BT capability na. Then the local distributor even extended warranty to two years to deter people from buying parallel import units. And I guess you'd think twice about cheap China alternatives as well. Hooray for the consumer.


Was canvassing over the phone from some shops in Banawe - the Pioneer 1450 double din now sells for as low as Php 9000 with 2 year warranty.


Nice! That's good news. Saang shop yan sir?
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How low prices have gone. Good for the consumers.

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