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Recommended android apps

Started by DTNS, March 16, 2012, 08:22:08 PM

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android users,

what are you recommended apps to download? I just started using an android phone (Samsung Galaxy Y). so far, I've downloaded the 2012 F1 Live Timing app.  ::)

Leo C.

It really depends on what you need, or want. There are more than 200,000 apps in the android market with categories from tools, games, cameras, references, books, etc.  Browse the market using your PC and study the apps. You can download to your phone using your PC. Its easier this way.  I download as a need arises, example, I need to know the value of a resistor, I would browse the market if there is an app that I can download and use as reference. I love music, so I downloaded an MP3 music downloader app. I also have a music mixer app, I have a bible, dictionary, ruler, compass, steak timer, unit converter, barcode scanner, and 200+ other apps that I use. I only have a few games because I'm not really fond of games.  To suggest some, consider these apps: Elixir, Search duplicate, 1 Tap Cleaner, Adobe reader, Gesture search, Picsart, Photogrid, Photobucket, Metro traffic, Click the City, First aid guide. If you want to download a dictionary, get the Offline Dictionary so you won't need wi-fi to use it. There are lots of MP3 downloader in the market. Get the Music Paradise, mabilis and madali gamitin. Ung ibang MP3 app pangit. Happy downloading!! 


MMDA Traffic App, ConvertPad, Onavo Data Monitor, QR Droid, Any.DO, Instagram


Quote from: Brent on April 13, 2012, 02:49:46 AM
MMDA Traffic App, ConvertPad, Onavo Data Monitor, QR Droid, Any.DO, Instagram

unfortunately, Instagram is not compatible with the Galaxy Y.  :(  my friend, however, told me that there's a workaround to make Instagram work for the Galaxy Y. I've yet to try it though.


It doesn't work on my Galaxy S Vibrant as well. I think you can download and install the .apk file directly. But it hangs on some phones.

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